Hi there, my name is Randy Krahn, I've been shooting video for television, documentaries and corporate clients for long time.

It's been an amazing career and I feel very privileged to have worked with some of the greatest, most talented people in this industry.

Client list is here.

As well as filming projects myself, I have a great roster of camera ops, audio techs and editors for any project that may come along. I practice a collaborative approach to production and always bring a professional yet light hearted attitude to set.

Primarily I use a couple of Canon C300 mk2's for most of the work, not to say other gear isn't available if required.

As well there are two drones, loads of lighting, four GoPro's an OSMO, tripods and a bunch of other stuff.

Give me a shout to discuss your project, email is randyjkrahn@gmail.com 

Thanks again for checking in, chat soon.




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